Cyber Security Training

The annual cybersecurity training requirement (Texas Government Code section 2054.5191) is due to the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) by August 31, 2023. The Pool’s cybersecurity training program is DIR approved. You can access this training through the Pool’s YouTube channel, the online learning center, or downloadable lesson plan.


The Pool has 3 DIR-certified options available free of charge:

The first option is a video, along with a self-administered test. The video is fun yet informative and less than 20 minutes in length. This option is available to anyone who can access the website. You can simply click on the video below or click on this link to view the video on YouTube:

The second option provides a PowerPoint guide, lesson plan, and testing materials. A Member can use the provided materials to administer training to their staff.
The third option, available to Risk Pool members only, is an online version available through the Pool's online learning page. This option is approximately 30 minutes in length and includes the testing materials.
Once an employee has completed the training, the employee should submit evidence of completion to their HR director or other entity-designated staff. The employee does not need to submit any forms to DIR.

Once all required staff have completed training, the entity should complete the Cybersecurity Training Certification for Local Governments form on the DIR website: The form is due to DIR by August 31, 2023. Local governments use the DIR form to verify compliance after training has been completed. The entity does not need to send certificates of completion or sign-in sheets to the DIR. It is recommended that the local government retain certificates and sign-in sheets for auditing purposes.

DIR also provides a training video and a list of other certified providers

For further assistance, please contact Ryan Burns at or 800-537-6655, extension 3427.




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